Looking for a dog friendly, people friendly, crate trained, potty trained, mellow little dude with a cool hairstyle? Look no further than Winston! If his adorable mohawk and confident demeanor doesn't get you, his sweet and gentle nature will. Winston would be great for any type of family! He loves to go on outings and taking naps on his dog bed. Winston is estimated to have been born in 2009. This is what his foster has to say about him: "Winston is a playful and sassy terrier mix with the cutest personality! He has a little gait I like to call the Winston gallop and he also does the Winston 'pop' when he gets excited; he drops his chest to the ground and bounces up! It's a lot cuter than it sounds (I need to catch it on video). I love his little Mohawk too...he looks like a punk rocker but he could not be more mellow. He is totally fine with my two smaller dogs. He doesn't necessarily want to play but he likes hanging out and socializing with them and they haven't had any tiffs. I don't have much experience seeing him around large dogs or cats so I'm not sure how he would react but my personal guess is that he would be fine with proper introductions. The only time he barks at other dogs to back off is when they are very high energy so a chill pup sibling would be best; he would also do great as an only dog in the house. He is great on a leash, perfectly crate and potty trained (which is AMAZING! Not a SINGLE potty accident) and sleeps like an angel. He would be a great dog for a first time pet owner (he even does well while I'm gone at work and I work full time) who wants an easy going couch potato who loves walks but doesn't necessarily want to go on long challenging hikes. His smile and spunk have totally won me over and I know he is going to be the most amazing addition to his furever family!" Contact us today to receive an application on Winston!