Red Bull

Looking for a dog who lives up to her name? Red Bull is energetic, full of life, and ready to find her perfect, active forever family today! Red Bull has lived with our trainer and a large pack of dogs. She does great with other dogs when strong leadership is present. Red Bull would also not mind being the only dog in the home. She would be a great "working" dog and would love a job to do such as finding hidden objects, maneuvering in obstacle courses, etc. Her birthday is estimated to be January of 2016 and weighs approximately 50 pounds. Here is what our trainer has to say about her: "Red Bull is fun and funny. She is sweet and very social with my stable dogs. She is a very excited dog (like her name suggests). She will need strong leadership to guide the excitement to serve the family. She would benefit from hikes or runs and would need someone who can regain her calmness after the exercise is done. If her excitement is controlled to her human's liking she will be perfect! Red Bull can be calmed easily and live with several dogs. I have seen her initiate play with dogs who don't typically play. This was able to happen because she learned to initiate the play session calmly and respectfully. With strong leadership and willingness to keep her calm and respectful Red Bull will be a fun and great family dog. She can give children a great foundation to their experience with dogs." Adopt Red Bull as your very own "life of the party" today!

Contact us for an adoption application. (*Disclaimer: Dog bios are created based on what fosters and/or Chews Life members have observed. Upon emailing us and submitting an adoption application you will be put in touch with the dog's foster who can answer any specific questions you may have and give you the dog's history that they have observed. Every dog is an individual and acts differently in different situations based on the person guiding him or her.*)