Mondo is a cuddly lap dog who can't wait to show you how much he loves you! He was rescued from South LA Shelter and was a volunteer favorite. He is about 5 years old and loves to play. While he did well with a pack of calm, submissive dogs living at one of our trainer's house we think nowadays he would do best as the the only dog in the home unless strong leadership is present. Another trainer of ours assessed Mondo (a different trainer than the one who lived with him) and had this to say about him: "Mondo is so sweet and obedient in his fosters house! Absolutely LOVES people. Gets excited when seeing other dogs and rushes them. We worked on slowing him down so that he greets dogs more politely always nose but never nose to nose - just showed them [the foster] how to set him up to succeed a little better. He met Baloo (one of my dogs) and I got them walking together." Mondo is great with all people and especially with kids! He is a gentle giant.