Larry is a sweet little survivor. For this Chihuahua senior, life hasn’t been easy, but he’s managed to make it while still falling absolutely in love with every human he meets. He was dumped at the shelter in July after being hit by a car and abandoned by his owner. Because of this, his back legs sometimes give out and he falls down while standing. It doesn’t phase him though (he’s not that far from the ground) and gets right back up again. He’s a bit hard of hearing, but once he spots you, he’s like Velcro and follows his human around. Everywhere…while wagging his tail. He just wants love. Doesn’t require very much exercise and almost never barks or complains. He’s fine with other dogs as long as they’re separated during meal and snack time as he can be a bit territorial of his food. He is great with respectful, kind children of any age. He likes to be held and sleep in his dog bed as long as it is next to your bed with a piece of your clothing in it so he feels safe. Larry is currently being fostered by one of Chew’s Life Board Members and is looking for a long term foster and/or forever home. He’s neutered and up to date on his shots.