Kaiona is a young pup who was rescued from Long Beach City Shelter. She has a bit of a crazy past but the gentlest demeanor! Kaiona was one 6 dogs who were caught running loose on the 710 freeway after their owner crashed during a high speed chase with police officers. The owner later passed away and all 6 dogs were impounded. Every other dog except for Kaiona was adopted or taken by other rescues. Kaiona has a heart murmur and was deemed unacceptable by many rescue groups. We didn't think that a heart murmur should prevent her from finding a loving home so we took her in. Kaiona is quiet, shy, and sweet. She likes other people and dogs. Her heart murmur doesn't prevent her from doing anything except for strenuous exercise. If you are a runner then she would not be the best fit, but if you enjoy mild walks or hikes Kaiona is the girl for you! She is just a puppy and deserves to go to her forever home today.