Looking for a handsome goofball to bring warmth and endless laughs to your home? Look no further than Guerro! We rescued Guerro from North Central Animal Shelter. He had been in the shelter for 11 months and was so stressed out being in a kennel surrounded by barking dogs 24/7 that he began to chew off his own tail; his tail ended up having to be amputated. He is estimated to have been born in July 2009. Guerro is partially blind and has been diagnosed by our canine ophthalmologist as having progressive retinal atrophy. He will not need medication or surgery but eventually will be fully blind. Guerro received training working on leash pulling, potty training, and food reactivity. After only a few days he was fully potty trained, has no food reactivity (he eats at the same time every day and is told to sit and stay until he can eat his food; this routine is essential to his success) and is very responsive to corrections on leash-pulling. He remains calm while at the vet's office with barking dogs and is generally a very mellow dude....though he does have "zoomies" sometimes where he runs around with his toys in the cutest playful way! He currently lives with a pack of dogs at our trainer's house and does well with them; we think Guerro would do best in a home with other mellow-ish dogs. He also would not mind being the only dog in the home. He is not destructive in the home and can be left out or be crated. He is crate trained, however, and seems to enjoy his crate as a safe spot. Guerro can be shy at first because he is still learning to utilize all of his senses to accommodate for his loss of vision but once he warms up to you he is affectionate, goofy, loving, and loyal. This handsome, deserving guy has lived a life that we would not wish on anyone and though he is happy now with us we would LOVE to see him find his forever home!

Contact us for an adoption application. (*Disclaimer: Dog bios are created based on what fosters and/or Chews Life members have observed. Upon emailing us and submitting an adoption application you will be put in touch with the dog's foster who can answer any specific questions you may have and give you the dog's history that they have observed. Every dog is an individual and acts differently in different situations based on the person guiding him or her.*)