Rest in peace 7/31/2016


Gia is a 10 year old German Shepard/Akita mix who has a lot of love left to give. Her story is a sad one. She came from a loving home with 3 other dogs. Her owner was arrested and the dogs were taken to Baldwin Park Shelter. When the owner got out of jail she tried to retrieve all 4 of her dogs but they would only let her take 3 since she was over the city limit. Gia was left at the shelter but luckily we saw her and got her out in time. She has glaucoma and is almost completely blind. She will be undergoing surgery soon to remove one of her eyes completely, per multiple vets' recommendations. Gia loves all people. She is house trained, walks well on the leash, and still gets around pretty well for not being able to see. She likes other dogs but needs a slow introduction and some time to adjust because her lack of vision tends to make her frighten easily with new dogs.