Q: I am interested in adopting a dog. What is the adoption process?

A: First you would need to email ChewsLifeDogRescue@gmail.com and we will send you an adoption application. Please make sure you fill out the form thoroughly or we will not be able to proceed. After we review your application and it meets our adoption standards we would proceed to you and your family (including any pets currently in your home) meeting the dog you are applying to adopt. If after the meet and greet you are still interested in adopting we would perform a home inspection. The home inspection lets us see where the dog will be living; we also need to check that the fencing is secure if your home has a backyard. If the home inspection passes we would have you read over and sign our adoption contract. We also require a $250 adoption fee donation. Once the contract and donation have been received we would then give you permission to pick up the dog and bring him/her back to your home. We generally recommend a 7-14 day "trial run" to make sure that the dog is going to be a good fit. The $250 is non-refundable if you decide not to formally adopt the dog.

Q: Why do I have to pay an adoption fee?

A: The adoption fee is crucial to our rescue efforts because we are based entirely off of donations. The board members pay for everything for the Chews Life dogs out of their own pockets when we do not receive enough donations and do not make any money doing this whatsoever. Please also remember that dogs do get sick throughout the course of their lives and vet bills will be expensive. If you do not think you can afford a dog's potential vet bills down the line then you may want to reconsider bringing a dog (or any other animal) into your family.

Q: Do you have a shelter? 

A: No. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and we do not currently have a shelter or a main office. Our dogs are all in foster homes or training or boarding facilities in Southern California.

Q: What is a foster parent?

A: A foster parent plays a substantial role in animal rescue. Foster parents care for and open up their homes to a dog in need until that dog is placed in a permanent adoptive home. At Chews Life Dog Rescue we provide all supplies and veterinary costs for our dogs in foster care. There are standards that a foster parent must abide by and those are made clear in the foster contract that each one of our foster parents signs. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent please email ChewsLifeDogRescue@gmail.com and we will send you a foster application.

Q: I don't live in Southern California. Can I still foster?

A: Absolutely! Just not through our rescue. Foster parents must be local as we only operate in Southern California. If a person were to foster for us out of the area and their foster dog had local potential adopters it would be very difficult for the potential adopters to meet the dog. Erika and Sydney and their trusted colleagues perform all of the home checks for interested adopters themselves. We also need to be nearby all of the foster dogs in case of emergencies.

Q: I don't live in Southern California. Can I adopt from your rescue group?

A: We do not do adoptions outside of Southern California. We have in the past and it has not worked out and getting the dogs back to us was a huge disaster. We need to be able to personally perform a home inspection and this is impossible to do if you live out of the area we operate in. We also like to be close to our adopted dogs in case of emergencies. It is our responsibility to take any of our dogs back if the adopter dumps the dog or decides they can no longer keep the dog. Though we do thorough background checks and inspections and get the adopter's word that they will keep the dog for the remainder of his/her life, dogs are sometimes returned. In these unfortunate circumstances we need to be nearby to retrieve the dog. We also do not do out of area adoptions because there are so many dogs in need of homes EVERYWHERE. There is no need to try to adopt a dog far away from you when there are surely plenty of dogs in need very close-by.  If you would like help finding a dog near you we would be more than happy to assist. Some of the best websites to use to find local dogs available for adoption are www.RescueMe.org, www.Petfinder.com, www.AdoptAPet.com, and www.PetHarbor.com.

Q: My adoption application was denied. Why?

A: There are multiple reasons as to why your application may have been denied. 1) If the application was not entirely filled out it would have been considered incomplete and denied. 2) You checked a box when we asked "What reason would prompt you to give up your dog?" We understand that things happen but we will not adopt a dog out to anyone under any circumstance if they would give up the dog for any reason. We treat our dogs as family. If you would not give up your child then you should not give up your dog either. 3) You stated that you would hit your dog if he/she misbehaved. This is animal abuse and we certainly do not adopt dogs out to animal abusers. 4) You stated that the dog would live outside. All of our dogs must be indoor dogs and cannot live primarily outside on a chain, tether, or otherwise. They must be treated as part of the family. 5) You have other un-spayed or un-neutered animals in your home. This could prompt fighting between the animals and it also shows us that you are not being responsible about the severe animal overpopulation problem. Unless your dog has a life threatening condition that prevents him/her from being spayed/neutered and your veterinarian has stated this on paper there is absolutely no reason for your dog to not be spayed/neutered. 6) You live in a home with other residents and they are not all on board with adopting an animal. 7) You are rude, confrontational, or uncooperative. We reserve the right to deny any application for any reason we deem fit.

Q: I am an individual or rescue and need help pulling a dog from a shelter. Can you pull the dog for me?

A: In regards to pulling a dog for individuals or other rescue groups that don't have pull rights at a given shelter: We will only ever pull a dog if we intend to care for the dog under Chews Life Dog Rescue. We cannot pull for other rescues or private adopters who want to adopt a dog that is listed as "rescue only" at a shelter. The reason for this is because once we pull a dog under our name we are responsible for the dog no matter what. Even if a release waiver is signed that dog will forever be under our name through the shelter system and it is our obligation to make sure the dog stays safe for the entirety of his/her life. If you would like us to pull a dog we need a long term, dedicated foster who will work with us directly and pass our foster application process. We cannot pull a dog and hand it over to just anyone or another rescue. We will only pull a dog if we intend to care for and be responsible for the dog throughout the entire foster and adoption process. A lot of work goes into rescuing a dog. Getting the dog out of the shelter is the easy part. Fosters bail, dogs have unexpected medical and behavioral conditions, etc. We have established the best possible screening and application process for our fosters and adopters to ensure that any Chews Life dog will always be safe. We have to adhere to these procedures; we created them for a reason. It's not that we don't want to help but we can't risk a dog being under our name and then disappearing because we released him/her to a random person. Though legally we would no longer be responsible for the dog any dog we associate ourselves with we want to remain safe. We take great measures to make sure all of our dogs are always safe and our adopters know that if they ever need help they can come to us and we will take our dog back. It happens too often that rescues pull dogs for people they do not know and is not safe for the dogs.
We would love to save as many dogs as possible but we have to be responsible.