Colden is a beautiful spotted American Bulldog bull mix who was found as a stray in South Central. His birthday is estimated to be in June 2012. He has been nothing but a complete sweetheart. He is calm, gentle, and good with respectful children. He would do best as the only pet in the home or with other mellow dogs. This is what our trainer has to say about him: "

Colden is a fantastic dog. He’s big and beautiful, is super gentle and very relaxed most

of the time. He is social and polite with other dogs that are well-mannered. The only

thing he loves more than cuddling with a human is a car ride. Colden is not a jumper nor super excitable. He likes to be around and hang out with

his person. He is very food motivated but does not beg. He has shown no food

aggression or other types of aggressions that I have seen."