Colden is a beautiful spotted American Bulldog bull mix who was found as a stray in South Central. His birthday is estimated to be in June 2012. When he was found he had several injuries from being attacked by other dogs and from getting hit by a car. When we rescued him he was hiding under a car from people who had been throwing things at him. Despite the horrors he experienced on the street he came right up to us when we called him. He has been nothing but a complete sweetheart. This is what our trainer has to say about him: "

Colden is a fantastic dog. He’s big and beautiful, is super gentle and very relaxed most

of the time. He is social and polite with other dogs that are well-mannered. The only

thing he loves more than cuddling with a human is a car ride. The only concern is his

intense fear in extreme situations. Fireworks are a great example of an extreme

situation. During fireworks, I have to sit there in the same room with him, paying

attention to him and make sure that he doesn’t pay too much attention to the fireworks.

I have to keep his attention on me and make sure that when he gets emotional that he

keeps calm. If that is done and he is in a familiar and controlled situation where there is

leadership, he will remain calm, submit and go to sleep. If he is put in an extreme

situation and not kept calm, where there is no leadership or the leadership is soft

and/or not consistent, he becomes more attentive and reactive to the distractions.

Using fireworks again as an example, if I did not work with him, keep him calm and the

focus on me, his fear will escalate and gain intensity. He will start looking for a corner

to hide or force his way behind the couch to find a spot that makes him feel

comfortable and safe. If he cannot find that spot, he will start to pace and pant and his

fear will continue to grow and he could act out inappropriately. Helping him find a safe space, sitting down and petting him is often the positive reinforcement he needs to get

through. Colden is not a jumper nor super excitable. He likes to be around and hang out with

his person. He is very food motivated but does not beg. He has shown no food

aggression or other types of aggressions that I have seen."