Charlie is a Daschund/Terrier mix who's birthday is estimated to be August 2011. Charlie is a sweet older guy but he still loves being active; he enjoys walks, running around, and hikes. He loves howling with his foster brother and sister. Charlie is a sunbather, always soaking up the sun's warm rays. He also likes sweaters, although if it is too big he can't stand it, the more snug the better. Charlie also loves snacks and food. He can get startled sometimes; Charlie needs someone who has patience and can understand his needs. His foster has this to say about him: "He is very kind hearted; he does love scratches on his butt, but only if you can sneak up on him without seeing you, if he sees you coming he gets scared, but we are working on that with him. He loves wet and dry food, and hiding his snacks outside. He is learning to be more playful and he loves being in a mellow environment. I think living with one or two dogs would be fine for Charlie; I think if the dogs are slightly bigger than him it will be better. He doesn't like to be completely alone, he seeks comfort from both my dogs. Charlie has recently done almost a 180. He is actually coming up to my boyfriend and me and laying next to us. I have been handling him a lot more. I think he is warming up to the thought of being pet. He started sleeping on my bed in the mornings. I don't just keep him refined to his crate but he likes knowing he has the crate for comfort. He goes in there by himself often. He still needs a lot of work with handling but is coming around.” 

Contact us for an adoption application. (*Disclaimer: Dog bios are created based on what fosters and/or Chews Life members have observed. Upon emailing us and submitting an adoption application you will be put in touch with the dog's foster who can answer any specific questions you may have and give you the dog's history that they have observed. Every dog is an individual and acts differently in different situations based on the person guiding him or her.*)