Cash is one of 6 puppies rescued from a backyard breeder. He was born on September 7, 2014. He was adopted as a puppy and returned in October 2016 because his owner had some unforeseen health issues and was no longer able to care for Cash. Cash likes other dogs his own size and would prefer females. He is very loving, playful, and loyal. He has also done great with people and children. One of our trainers assessed Cash and had this to say about him: "This boy could not be more Happy Go lucky. He's ready to party and make friends with everyone and everything. He did great on our walk (we passed several dogs) and did perfect meeting my male dog. He met my 1 year old daughter and did great! He also saw a cat through the window and got a little excited but was super easy to redirect. He would be a dog that would benefit so much from mental exercises and rules, boundaries, and limitations. He's just a outgoing dog that might need to be slowed down sometimes and asked to be calm. All around he would make a perfect addition to anyones family and home. Ideally an active and outgoing family would make him happiest."