ADOPTED 8/24/2018


Captain is the most lovable and kindest dogs you'll ever meet....not to mention he is a show-stopper because of how handsome he is! Before we rescued him he was at North Central Shelter for 22 months. He was a volunteer favorite and was so good with the other dogs that staff used to use Captain to test other dogs' temperaments. Captain's foster has this to say about him: "Captain listens really well and is well behaved in general. Captain has done really well overall, he showed a good temperament from the start at the shelter. He was affectionate with the staff and was a very happy dog on his freedom walk. His behavior dealing with so many new things at once was very good. We are working on sit and heel commands now, he listens and is picking them up. He is working on not getting so excited when he sees other dogs (he just wants to play so you can't really blame him)! He loves being outside. He wasn’t sure about his first bath to start but he put up with it and was enjoying the water by the end. He was also ok with the air dryers which bother some dogs." Overall Captain is a resilient, patient dog who is eager to please and would love a family to call his own. Captain's birthday is estimated to be in March 2010. He is the perfect temperament because he enjoys walks and being active but can be very calm in the home. He knows just when to chill and when it's time to party!