Bear 💙 The explorer and the wrestler. Bear was born on March 1, 2017. He was dumped at a shelter with his siblings and no mother at just a few days old and had to be bottle fed. Bear is a love bug full of curiosity.  He just started going outside and is a little hesitant by the bigness of it all but his enthusiasm for meeting new people is awesome. He has outgrown his chihuahua siblings but still demands to cuddle with them for naps. He'sa great snuggler and is happy sleeping in bed next to you but he's also ok sleeping next to the bed in his little dog bed (as long as he's close. He's great staying in his kennel for a few hours with his chew toys when you need to run errands etc.  He would love to be with other dogs ashe's a professional wrestler and gymnast as well.  His sweetness and energy is a wonderful addition to any home and family...he's an awesome and loving little soul looking for a home! Bear is now looking for a foster-to-adopt home! We cannot formally adopt any dogs out until they are spayed/neutered so what we are looking for right now are foster parents who would be interested in adopting him once we get him neutered. You would be responsible for taking him to his vet appointments for further vaccinations and taking him to his neuter appointment (all of which we pay for). After he is neutered the foster family would then sign our adoption contract, pay the adoption fee and officially have a new member of the family. Email for an adoption application on Bear. SoCal only.