ADOPTED 12/30/2016



Bakalava is a super sweet, stocky girl rescued from East Valley Animal Shelter. She is estimated to have been born sometime in 2012 She is gentle with people and loves kids. She is good with other mellow dogs. She has lived with our trainer and 14+ other dogs. She is very well socialized in a pack and a quick learner. In order to live with other dogs in the home Bakalava will need a strong, experienced leader. She thrives when given direction. She also wouldn't mind being the only dog in the home so that she can soak up all of your love! Bakalava is the perfect mix between a couch potato and a hiking partner. She would be a great family dog as she is super gentle with all people, especially children.

Contact us for a foster or adoption application. (*Disclaimer: Dog bios are created based on what fosters and/or Chews Life members have observed. Upon emailing us and submitting an adoption application you will be put in touch with the dog's foster who can answer any specific questions you may have and give you the dog's history that they have observed. Every dog is an individual and acts differently in different situations based on the person guiding him or her.*)