Auggie was found wandering the streets of South LA. He is estimated to have been born in December 2013. When we found him he was covered in scars, fleas, ticks, welts, and had a terrible limp. Despite his rough past he is very friendly and pretty low maintenance. Auggie loves all people and is well mannered. Auggie would thrive in any home environment as he is still young and learns very quickly. Auggie is great with other dogs at his board/train but we think he would do best being the only dog in the home. He is especially wonderful with kids! He loves belly rubs, cuddling, and is very affectionate and loving. Auggie is potty and crate trained and a great listener. Our trainer has this to say about Auggie: "I love Auggie. He is a fun, sweet, and funny dog with a great personality. He does great with a pack of dogs with initial leadership to control his energy level and teach him to respect other dogs' boundaries. Once he knows the dogs he is playful and very social. We need to be prepared on a walk to obtain his attention if he gets distracted by unknown dogs. He is fine once you can control it, but may need a few leash corrections with unstable dogs we may pass by on walks. He loves toys but has been possessive with them in the past; however, he was easily corrected. The introduction with Auggie and any new dog should be done slowly. With time, patience, structure, and leadership it shouldn't take more than a few days to have this goofy, sweet guy become an integrated member of your pack."

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